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Aluminum Conductors in Solar Applications: How to Save Costs without Sacrificing Reliability

A principle goal of value engineering is to deliver long-term performance and reliability at the lowest cost practicable. One effective way to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in large-scale or commercial and industrial (C&I) solar...

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Solar Carport Design Optimization

Designing PV carports is an involved process, and key decisions—such as maximum system voltage, rapid shutdown requirements, inverter selection and location—must account for site-specific conditions. Here I discuss some of the main considerations...

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Arc Flash Studies for Solar — Introduction

Pure Power performs many types of power system studies, and the Arc Flash Study may be the most important because it is all about worker safety. However, since it’s not always a code requirement and doesn’t have a direct impact on generation, it...

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Free Voltage Drop

This is a follow up to the article 1500V Design Recommendations for 1500V String inverters, where we only briefly mentioned "Free Voltage Drop" and wanted to dive in a little deeper here.

When we value engineer a large solar project, we can take...

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