Owner's Engineer Services For Solar PV & Energy Storage Systems

Owner's Engineering Services for Commercial & Utility Scale Solar Projects

Welcome PVPros customers! We are very excited to announce that on January 1st, 2023, Pure Power Engineering officially acquired PV Pros, Inc. Pure Power will continue driving high quality technical due diligence & consulting for your large scale solar + storage project development & investment decisions.

Pure Power's Owner's Engineering division offers specialized engineering assistance for stakeholders such as investors, owners, and financiers involved in commercial and utility-scale solar and storage projects. Our dedicated owner's engineering team is critical in ensuring client success and optimizing profitability by providing expert guidance in technical risk management and comprehensive support throughout the project lifecycle, including development, construction, and operational phases. The Owner's Engineering services provided by PPE encompass development assistance, performance verification, quality audits, PVSYST and Energy Modeling, design and equipment evaluations, and thorough due diligence for acquisitions. Our services include detailed design, project management, and asset lifecycle support. By leveraging our services, stakeholders across the United States can confidently navigate the complexities of project execution and achieve their investment objectives with minimized risk and enhanced efficiency.




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Areas of Expertise

Why Choose Us?

  • Industry-leading team of licensed Professional Engineers, electricians, & NABCEP-certified professionals. 
  • Deep and diverse experience in the solar and energy storage industries.
  • Ensure risks are identified and managed throughout project development, construction, and operation.
  • Our reviews, analyses, and solutions lead to significant cost and time savings for clients during all phases of a solar + storage projects life cycle.

Why  Choose Our Owner's Engineer Services?

  • De-Risk Projects
  • Increase Generation Revenue
  • Decrease Capital & Operating Expense

When We Do It

The solar project life cycle encompasses five major stages. Each stage presents unique challenges, but stakeholders often overlook the value of continuity of knowledge that bridges all five project stages. That is where our OE team comes in.

  • Early Issues are expensive to fix at later stages.
  • Mistakes should be made on paper, not in the field.
  • A high quality OE has technical and financial considerations in mind from day one.

Software & Tools

  • Site Capture
  • Python & PVLIB
  • Smartsheets

Case Study: 2 MW Portfolios in Illinois


  • Supply chain disruptions caused lead times to jump 40 weeks.
  • New inverters did not have AC disconnects: sites can't comply with NEC 690.15 provisions for 10' rule.


  • OE Team provided a method to utilize existing switchgear to meet the NEC 690.15 requirements.


  • Satisfies code without major redesign
  • Cost Impact was up to $50K Per Project

$500,000 In Savings For Potential Change Orders!