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Pure Power is committed to delivering comprehensive preliminary engineering services and serving as the engineer of record for solar and storage projects. Our expertise encompasses various services, including project design, conducting studies, generating reports, and other preparatory activities that propel projects from conceptual stages to physical construction. Moreover, we specialize in identifying and outlining the infrastructure requirements of projects, thereby assessing their viability. We also offer essential technical support and provide the necessary drawings to navigate the utility application process successfully, ensuring your project meets all regulatory standards and progresses smoothly.

Solar & Storage Engineering Services

Interconnection Documents | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering


Utility Coordination | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering


Preliminary Array Layout | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering


Glint & Glare Studies | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering


PVSYST Models | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering


Energy Models | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering



Areas of Expertise

Unrivaled Experience & Knowledge

  • Over 2,100 full designs (100kW & larger) completed & submitted for permits, plus other involvement in over 10,000 DG and Utility Scale Projects
  • Essentially all this experience is still with the company, thanks to high retention rates for engineers & project managers.
  • We only design solar + storage systems and understand it at a deep level that a jack-of-all-trades firm can't match.
    • This experience allows us to solve complex engineering challenges and identify unforeseen risks in design & construction so clients can maximize the performance and profits of their solar + storage system.

Large in House Team for Fast Turnaround

  • 80+ in house engineers, including 19 professional engineers & 18 highly experienced project managers. 
  • Fast response time to questions from skilled project managers that understand time is money.
    • This brings the following benefits:
      • High bandwidth enables fast turnaround time on the most challenging projects and largest portfolios.
      • We can accommodate our clients' aggressive schedules.
      • Minimal use of subs, so we can expedite the work as needed.
  • In-house cross functional engineering teams allow us to provide clients with a broader suite of services. 
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil/Structural Engineering
    • Power Engineering
    • Owners Engineering

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High Quality Drawings & Reports

We are known throughout the industry for our detailed, easy to understand construction drawings for our non-engineer clients and installers. 

This brings the following benefits for clients:

  • Procurement - Avoids mistakes when ordering materials
  • Permits - Faster approval by the AHJ
  • Installers - Avoid Errors or bad practices during installation

Nationwide Footprint

  • Licensed Professional Engineers in 48 States.
  • Involved in 10,000 Projects Across 40 states over 10 years.
  • We are a single firm that can meet your needs everywhere you are developing or installing. 

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