Microgrid Engineering | Commercial, Industrial & Utility-Scale Solar + Storage Microgrids

 At Pure Power Engineering, we stand at the forefront of designing and engineering cutting-edge microgrids for solar and storage projects, catering specifically to developers, EPCs, and stakeholders. Our unrivaled expertise encompasses a comprehensive suite of services, including preliminary microgrid design development, full engineering design services, advanced power studies, and commissioning support. We specialize in crafting innovative microgrid solutions, ensuring a robust foundation for your projects. Our detailed power studies optimize performance and guarantee the reliability of your energy systems. From initial concepts to final blueprints and through to seamless project execution, our team provides unwavering support at every stage.

Preliminary Microgrid Design Development 

Engineering Services Large Scale Solar and Storage Project

Our Preliminary Microgrid Design Development service is designed to align with your microgrid project's unique needs and expectations. We collaborate closely with clients to thoroughly assess the feasibility and preliminary engineering development already completed. By understanding your project's specific requirements and goals, we ensure a solid foundation for the subsequent design and engineering phases.

Full Engineering Design Services

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  • Interconnection – IFP/IFC: We handle all interconnection requirements, ensuring your system is ready for implementation.

  • Design Protection Systems: Our team designs robust protection systems to safeguard your microgrid.

  • Relay Programs and Protection Drawings: We provide detailed relay programs and protection drawings for reliable operation.

  • Design Open or Closed Transition Transfer: We design efficient transition transfer systems, whether open or closed.

  • Design Conduits & Cable Systems for Networking & Controls: Our designs include advanced conduit and cable systems for seamless networking and control.

  • Schematics, Schedules, and Plan Drawings: We create comprehensive schematics, schedules, and plan drawings to guide your project from start to finish.

  • Auxiliary Power System and UPS Design: We design auxiliary power systems and UPS solutions to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

  • Utility Coordination & IC Process: Our team manages utility coordination and interconnection processes for smooth integration.

  • Coordination with the Microgrid Control Company: We work closely with microgrid control companies to optimize system performance.

  • Load Management: We collaborate with you to manage existing or future loads, ensuring efficient energy distribution.

  • Technology Integration: We work with any anchor or prime mover technology to facilitate optimal microgrid operation.

Advanced Power Studies

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Our Advanced Power Studies are tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. We perform a variety of critical studies, some applicable to both on-grid and off-grid modes, while others are specialized for one mode of operation:

  • Short Circuit Analysis: We analyze potential short circuit conditions to ensure your system can handle fault conditions safely.

  • Equipment Evaluation: Our team evaluates all equipment to verify it meets the required standards and specifications for optimal performance.

  • Arc Flash Studies: We conduct arc flash studies to identify and mitigate hazards, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

  • Coordination Studies: We perform coordination studies to ensure all protective devices operate in harmony, minimizing disruption and damage.

  • Load Flow Analysis: Our load flow analysis helps optimize the distribution of power within your microgrid, improving efficiency and reliability.

  • Transient/Inrush Studies: We analyze transient and inrush conditions to prevent issues related to sudden changes in power flow.

Commissioning Support

Testing Procedures (Microgrids)

Ensuring your microgrid performs as intended before it goes live is crucial. At Pure Power Engineering, our Commissioning Support services are designed to rigorously test your microgrid under realistic conditions without impacting the facility it is meant to serve.

  • Realistic Testing: We utilize temporary load banks and detailed test procedures to create 'real world' scenarios, effectively simulating operational conditions.

  • Engineering Judgment: Our experienced engineers apply their expertise to develop and execute precise test procedures, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

  • Operational Validation: Through thorough testing, we prove the operational concept of your microgrid, confirming its readiness for seamless integration and reliable performance.

At Pure Power Engineering, our microgrid engineering services seamlessly integrate control systems with distributed energy resources to optimize energy supply and reduce energy costs. By leveraging advanced energy storage solutions, we enhance energy independence and reliability, enabling your microgrid system to operate efficiently in grid-connected and island modes. Our expertise in renewable energy, particularly solar power, allows us to design solar microgrids that work harmoniously with your existing power generation infrastructure. Our microgrid controllers provide real-time monitoring and management, ensuring a stable power system that mitigates power outages and reduces reliance on fossil fuels. Through innovative engineering, we deliver robust energy systems that support a sustainable future with increased utilization of solar energy, ensuring your energy needs are met with resilience and efficiency.



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