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An arc flash is an explosive phenomenon that can occur during an electrical fault. Instead of following its intended path, electrical current passes through air between two conductors or between one conductor and ground. The hazards associated..

Pure Power performs many types of power system studies, and the Arc Flash Study may be the most important because it is all about worker safety. However, since it’s not always a code requirement and doesn’t have a direct impact on generation, it..

This is a follow up to the article 1500V Design Recommendations for 1500V String inverters, where we only briefly mentioned "Free Voltage Drop" and wanted to dive in a little deeper here.

When we value engineer a large solar project, we can take..

At Pure Power Engineering, our engineers work closely with project originators, developers and EPC firms to reduce the upfront capital costs of construction without sacrificing long-term operating costs. Given the dynamic nature of solar..