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The basic goal of ASTM E2848, “Standard Test Method for Reporting Photovoltaic Non-Concentrator System Performance,” is to compare the ratio of a PV power plant’s actual in-field performance to its expected performance based on a system model. The..

In recent years, an increasing number of clients have come to Pure Power Engineering for assistance repowering legacy solar PV and energy storage systems. A fundamental goal of repowering is to replace underperforming or obsolete equipment while..

Roughly 80% of Pure Power’s customers have some level of internal engineering capabilities. Judging a book by its cover, this vast majority may seem counterintuitive. After all, why would engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractors..

Bifacial PV modules convert both front- and back-side irradiance into electricity. This bifacial boost improves solar project performance both in terms of yield and the levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Due to these benefits, bifacial PV modules are..