Structural & Civil Engineering For Solar & Energy Storage Systems

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Our team of dedicated structural engineers is committed to transforming your solar and storage projects from vision to reality. Boasting over 40 years of collective experience, we tackle the intricate challenges critical to your project's success. Lack of data or structural plans is no obstacle; our proficient team is ready to conduct site surveys at your location, gathering all essential information to secure project approval efficiently and economically. Our Structural Engineering services encompass a broad spectrum, including evaluating and analyzing existing structures, designing new structures, foundation design for electrical equipment, comprehensive structural support solutions, utility-pole design, and innovative reinforcement strategies for projects deemed unfeasible. Trust us to deliver expert solutions that ensure your project's success while optimizing cost-effectiveness.

Structural Engineering Services

Review & Analysis of Rooftop Structures













Areas of Expertise

Unrivaled Structural Experience & Knowledge

  • Combined 40 Years of Experience in Structural Engineering
  • Team of 6 in-house Structural Engineers (5 Professional Engineers)
  • We only design solar + storage structural systems and understand it at a deep level that a jack-of-all-trades firm can't match. 
  • This experience allows us to solve complex engineering challenges and identify unforeseen risks in design & construction so clients can maximize the performance and profits of their solar + storage system.


Review & Analysis of Rooftop Structures

Our team will travel on site to analyze the structure to determine the feasibility, structural capacity for a solar system and if any modifications need to be made to meet the requirements of the 3rd party reviewer.  Providing comprehensive structural analysis of the structure supporting rooftop solar project to determine the capacity of the structure to accommodate the appropriate racking system (hybrid, mechanically or ballasted) performing site visit to collect the data when structural plans are not available, communicating and addressing comments for AHJ and 3rd party reviewer. 

New Solar Structure Design

Pure Power will provide multiple cost-effective designs of a structure that will support the weight capacity, overall size and specified electrical equipment of a solar + storage project.


Electrical Equipment Foundation System Design

Our team will provide cost-effective foundation design options that will support different electrical equipment such as PADs, SKIDs, transformers, switch gear and other types of ground mount equipment of a large scale solar + storage project. 


Utility Pole Design

Pure Power will provide detailed structural plans for pole lines that show all structural equipment including poles, guy wires, and anchors to ensure the safety of the pole line under extreme loading events or conditions.  


Comprehensive Structural Support

Pure Power will provide multiple cost-effective structural options for concrete pads and steel piles that will support the weight capacity, overall size and specified electrical equipment of a solar + storage project. 

Case Study: Buffalo University


  • Warehouse rooftop was not feasible for a Solar Project.
  • EPC went to multiple firms but could not pass 3rd party review.
  • 3rd party reviewer was extremely experienced and was asking tough questions no other firm could answer.


  • PPEs SE team was hired & traveled on site for analysis.
  • Prepared a 500 Page report that addressed and answered all 3rd Party questions.
  • PPE made rooftop feasible for a solar project.


  • PPEs analysis passed 3rd Party & University Reviews.
  • Rooftop solar project is now under construction.
  • Saved EPC Cost of modules & racking that was already ordered.
  • When other Firms said no, Pure Power said yes!

$250,000 In Savings For Materials & Other Project Costs!