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Join the team that produces the best electrical engineering designs in the industry. You will be coming into a culture of constant education, improvement, and teamwork. As a Pure Power engineer, challenge yourself every day to make each photovoltaic system design and drawing set the best one yet. Focusing on large-scale and commercial solar projects, you will engage in comprehensive project management, ensuring that every solar installation and electrical system meets the highest standards. Your expertise in solar PV, solar panels, and power systems will be crucial as you work full-time to deliver top-notch designs and solutions in the dynamic field of solar energy.

Top Reasons to Join Pure Power:


                      1. 5-Star Glassdoor Rating
Sounds too good to be true? We encourage you to look at our Glassdoor rating and read the feedback shared by our teammates over the past 10 years. 
Glass Door Rating (Pure Power)

                      2. Stable & Consistent Growth Year After Year
Pure Power has grown every year, with zero down years. Four months into 2023, and we are ahead of pace on our 2023 goal.  

Why is company growth important? Because a growing company creates advancement opportunities for its members. If your current company isn’t growing as fast as your skills are, then you are being held back while you wait for someone more senior to resign and open up a position.  

That’s not the case here at Pure Power. Everyone is moving up each year! Join Pure Power and grow with us year after year. 

12 Years of Consistent Growth in Revenue and Number of Engineers

                  3. High Retention, Low Turnover
In the USA, employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers. Most of the solar industry is the same, somewhere between the analogies of a revolving door and the solar coaster.
But not at Pure Power Engineering! Our culture is so strong that we have almost no turnover. We have completed designs on 2,000+ projects between 100kW-100MW in size, and a huge % of that experience is still with the company.  

Experience Retained (1)


        4. Diversity & Inclusion


Pure Power Engineering is leading the change to improve lives by engineering greener, more innovative energy solutions that the world needs to achieve a net zero future. This mission is built by creating an environment where diversity and inclusion are evident in everything we do. Our success centers on attracting the best engineers and talent from around the globe, building a diverse team, and creating a workplace where everyone is welcomed, valued, and supported. We recognize that a diverse team coupled with a strong sense of community is crucial to maintain our innovation, diversity of thought, and resilience to overcome the challenges ahead. Together we can build a better workplace and a better world!  

We are committed to:

  • Holding ourselves and each other accountable.
  • Promoting a mindset aimed at growth and inclusivity.
  • Welcoming everyone's individual and collective diversity.   

Engineering Week 2024 (Final FInal Copy)

                      5. Experienced Mentors

Looking for mentors to help take your career to the next level?   

Young engineers grow fast when mentored by highly experienced engineers & managers.  Even the most senior engineers will find mentors to learn from at Pure Power (1 in 4 of our 80 engineers are licensed PEs). 

A key part of our culture is sharing knowledge. Join Pure Power to surround yourself with the most experienced engineering mentors in the industry and accelerate your professional development! 

skyline 2

                      6. Develop Your Management & Soft Skills

Want to be a great engineering “manager” or teammate? That takes a lot more than technical skills (AKA hard skills). 

That’s why Pure Power emphasizes management & soft skills training for all levels of our staff. We prepare engineers for management roles before and after they receive the promotion. Technologies change quickly, but the principles for managing people and projects don’t. The soft skills you will gain at Pure Power will benefit your entire career.  

Come work under our great managers (a top reason our engineers rarely leave the company), and become one yourself! 

LEave managers 1

                      7. Always Something New to Learn

Tired of working on the same types of projects using the same equipment over and over again?  

At Pure Power, our engineers are exposed to a huge variety of projects and equipment across our 200+ clients. You will see every type of: 

  1. System (Roof, Ground, Carports, Solar, and/or Energy Storage)
  2. Racking (Ballasted, attached, piles, fixed tilt, tracking, etc.)
  3. Equipment (Every type of module, racking, inverter, MLPE, and BOS system)
  4. Design Architecture (too many to list!)
  5. There is always more to learn and exciting new challenges at Pure Power

You will learn to engineer projects with every possible combination of factors, which will keep you challenged & learning year after year.  Types-of-projects-banner-photos

Voted Best Places to Work in Engineering (External) (1)-1

PPE Voted Best Places to Work NJPure Power Engineering, an engineering firm specializing in designing complex and high-profile solar + energy storage systems, has recently been recognized as one of the best places to work in New Jersey by NJBIZ!

PPE has continuously prioritized its employees and fostered an environment that promotes growth, diversity, and work-life balance. When it comes to finding the perfect workplace, employees consider several factors, including company culture, management training, great benefits, and more. This article will explore why Pure Power Engineering is a standout employer and a dream workplace.

SEIA DEI BADGEWe value diversity & inclusion at Pure Power Engineering. That’s why we’ve taken steps to earn Bronze Certification through SEIA’s DEIJ Certification Program by advancing our internal diversity practices. Companies must lead the way toward an equitable clean energy economy, and PPE is proud to be at the forefront of the industry’s progress.