Engineer Of Record Services For Commercial & Utility-Scale Projects

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Pure Power specializes in providing top-tier engineer of record services for your solar and storage projects, encompassing comprehensive site surveys, in-depth power system analyses, precise calculations, and detailed construction drawings. Our expertise extends to optimizing the sizing and placement of PV modules, inverters, and batteries. Our commitment to delivering code-compliant, value-engineered, and risk-mitigated drawing sets empowers our clients to develop high-efficiency systems while minimizing costs. Our meticulous approach ensures that your projects are cost-effective and adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.


Professional Engineers in 48 States

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20+ In-House Professional Engineers

15+ Engineers in Training

Solar + Storage Engineer of Record Services

Site Surveys | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering Services


Drawing Sets | Construction Documents | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering Services


Construction Drawing Sets | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering Services


Power System Studies | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering Services



Areas of Expertise

Unrivaled Experience & Knowledge

  • Over 2,100 full designs (100kW & larger) completed & submitted for permits, plus other involvement in over 10,000 DG and Utility Scale Projects
  • Essentially all this experience is still with the company, thanks to high retention rates for engineers & project managers.
  • We only design solar + storage systems and understand it at a deep level that a jack-of-all-trades firm can't match.
    • This experience allows us to solve complex engineering challenges and identify unforeseen risks in design & construction so clients can maximize the performance and profits of their solar + storage system.

Large in House Team for Fast Turnaround

  • 80+ in house engineers, including 19 professional engineers & 18 highly experienced project managers. 
  • Fast response time to questions from skilled project managers that understand time is money.
    • This brings the following benefits:
      • High bandwidth enables fast turnaround time on the most challenging projects and largest portfolios.
      • We can accommodate our clients' aggressive schedules.
      • Minimal use of subs, so we can expedite the work as needed.
  • In-house cross functional engineering teams allow us to provide clients with a broader suite of services. 
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Civil/Structural Engineering
    • Power Engineering
    • Owners Engineering

Unrivaled Experience & Expertise | Solar & Energy Storage Engineering Services


High Quality Drawings & Reports

We are known throughout the industry for our detailed, easy to understand construction drawings for our non-engineer clients and installers. 

This brings the following benefits for clients:

  • Procurement - Avoids mistakes when ordering materials
  • Permits - Faster approval by the AHJ
  • Installers - Avoid Errors or bad practices during installation