Who are we?

Founded in 2012, Pure Power Engineering is a nationwide engineering firm specializing in commercial and utility scale solar PV and energy storage. For the Solar + Storage Industry, Pure Power Engineering is the highest quality design engineering firm available. Our interconnection drawings, construction drawings, analysis & other services are made to be clear, concise, constructible, and user friendly. PPEs 80+ in house engineering team have worked on over 2000 successful Solar + Storage projects. Our expertise, knowledge sharing & training not only allow us to handle technically complex situations, but combined with fast turnaround times, accuracy of drawing sets and high internal & external communication standards make us the #1 trusted Solar + Storage engineering firm in the Nation. 

What services do we provide?
As a full-service engineering firm, our work is creating the drawings and calculation packages for bidding, permits, and construction, as well as supporting the lead up to the full engineering drawings, primarily interconnection support and electrical/structural feasibility studies. Whether you are a project originator, developer, or an EPC firm, we take the difficult task of engineering off your hands.

How are we different than other engineering firms?
Pure Power isn’t like any other engineering firm out there. As Solar PV specialists with both construction and unmatched engineering experience, we design the most cost-effective solar systems for the commercial space. We have all the tools to design the best system for your application:

  1. Pure Power specializes in Solar PV.
    Pure Power is not a jack of all MEP trades but a master of one – Solar PV. All of our resources are focused on solar and creating the industry’s best construction drawings. Since Pure Power’s inception in 2012, we have designed over 1,600+ full design permit sets.
  2. Pure Power’s designs leverage years of construction experience.
    Pure Power installed systems thru 2015. Our past construction experience is the source of our ability to design constructible and value engineered PV systems. To create drawings that are optimized for construction, you need to know how a system is built. Pure Power understands that better than any engineering firm in the industry.
  3. Pure Power is the most experienced design team in the solar industry.
    Pure Power employs 50 engineers, 11 of which are licensed PEs. Our electrical engineering leadership remains virtually unchanged since the inception of Pure Power. We leverage this experience to create the industry’s best plan and drawing sets, lowering the cost of construction and other operating expenses.

What does all this cross-functional experience mean?
Our designs reduce the upfront capital cost of construction while not sacrificing on the 25+ years of operation and maintenance. We have been that team on the roof trying to make sense of difficult drawings, and we’ve found a way to incorporate this experience into our drawings. Our experience allows for us to find errors in construction prior to the team leaving the site, lowering repair costs and extending the life of your system.

Mission Statement:
Pure Power Engineering is dedicated to providing the solar + storage industry with high quality, precise & easy to understand construction documents and consultation to save our clients valuable time and money at any phase of the project’s life cycle, from concept through development & final completion.