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3rd Party Drawing Reviews Reduce Risk

Long before a system completes construction and starts its 25+ year generation life, it all starts with the design.  The design is a multiplying force where a small mistake can cause big problems and introduce risk throughout the life of the system.

We review other engineer’s drawings and plan sets for the following areas:

  • Utility interconnection compliance
  • Electrical, Building, and Fire Codes
  • Local site requirements and codes
  • Follows equipment specifications
  • Direct installers towards best practices
  • Safety (grounding, working space, etc)
  • Constructability - What is shown 2D on paper can be built in real life

The goal of reviewing the drawings is to reduce risk during construction and cost of O&M phases.

Reviewing drawings to reduce risk during construction:

You can’t say, “If there is an engineering mistake, it’s the EPC’s problem to deal with it and correct it.” Remember, when the EPC struggles, all the stakeholders feel the following problems either directly or indirectly:

  • Schedule Delays
  • Incorrectly specified/ordered equipment
  • Additional overhead for managing through the problem
  • Additional overhead as each project takes longer
  • Contract disputes
  • Stress on cash flow

Reviewing drawings reduces risk during operation of the asset.

Engineering mistakes can cause the following issues throughout the life of the asset:

  • Technical Debt
  • Increased O&M expenses
  • Premature equipment failure
  • Voided equipment warranties
  • Design mistakes greatly increase safety risk, which is especially important when it’s a rooftop installation.

Your EPC partner is a important part of the project and you should have confidence in their ability to deliver a quality project to you. However, you still need to protect your interests, and that starts with Pure Power conducting a 3rd party review of the design. As the saying goes, “trust, but verify."