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3G Wireless Network Obsolescence and Its Impact on Solar

By the end of 2019, Verizon will obsolete its coverage on legacy 3G networks. ATT will follow suit by 2021. The time to implement a replacement plan is now.

Why is this important for owners and financiers?

Connectivity to a site is the lifeline for asset managers and owners. This allows for performance monitoring, but more importantly, meeting any net meeting and reporting obligations every month from the utilities. Lapses in connectivity would impact revenue billing.


Also, spring time PM is underway. Combining the 3G updates during this time minimizes truck rolls and saves on cost.

Next Steps for avoiding loss of coverage?

Planned maintenance involves a few key tasks:

Step 1 – Confirm what’s in place

PV Pros will review the critical components in the networking hardware

  • Confirm if 3G is being utilized
  • Confirm the carrier and the risk of hitting the end date as published by the carriers

Step 2 – Make the switch

Not all hardware is created equal. Pure Power will:

  • Replace the cellular equipment with ruggedized outdoor rated replacements
  • Confirm connectivity with your DAS provider and provide a clean bill of health to the system

What should happen leading up to the PM

Pure Power will be reaching out to all customers abut their projects and next steps on replacement.

Our proactive approach will insure a smooth transition into the next generation of cellular technology.