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Technical Due Diligence for Solar Purchase and/or Acquisitions

Pure Power has been helping our client’s de-risk in their assets with our Independent Engineering (IE) & Owner’s Agent services. We cover the complex technical aspects of due diligence, while you focus on the financial and management side of the purchase.

As your engineer, Pure Power will review the following:

  1. Technical Document Review:
    1. Electrical Engineering
    2. Building Structural Engineering
    3. Racking/Mounting Structural Engineering
    4. Civil/Environmental Engineering
    5. EPC Plan’s Scope of Work, QA/QC Plan, and Commissioning requirements
    6. O&M Plan
    7. Commissioning results
  2. On-Site Inspections
    1. Monitoring % complete and billing milestone.
    2. Confirm quantities of delivered materials.
    3. QC Progress Inspections
    4. 3rd Party Commissioning
  3. Performance Evaluation
    1. Existing/operating assets: We are experts at understanding the performance of the system and remotely identifying issues that you need to know about.
    2. Assets in development or construction: PVsyst with 3D models

We have conducted due diligence as an independent engineer or owner’s agent for hundreds of projects. Our well-rounded experience is essential in reducing the risk of your solar asset purchase!

Reduce your risk, Maximize your profit with Pure Power’s OE services.