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One Unbelievable Fact about Pure Power Engineering


Since Pure Power Engineering opened its doors in 2012, we have Zero turnover in our project management team.

For all 800+ full PV designs by Pure Power, every project manager and senior engineer ever involved in a project since 2012 IS STILL AT PURE POWER.

Just think of all that experience, responding to all those AHJ comments, RFIs, and addressing every possible question or concern and determining how to resolve it. All that experience is still in the company; none has walked out the door.

Are there any caveats to these claims?

Nope, it's even more impressive than it sounds…

  • All these projects were commercial and utility scale. No padding the stats with residential or cookie cutter designs.
  • Hundreds of clients each have their own preferences on equipment, so our experience has been with all equipment brands in solar.
  • Principal Richard Ivins hasn’t been project manager in many years but continues to conduct in-depth quality control on every single project.

What does all this experience mean to you?

  • Reduced risk, project cost, & schedule – experience avoids mistakes that cost time and money.
  • You can do more projects with less OH – you don’t need big resources to manage the engineering scope. Send it to Pure Power and focus on the other parts of your business.

How can you learn more?

If you need to see it with your own eyes, PPE’s President Rick Ivins & the 11 project managers and senior engineers will be at SPI 2019. Reach out to set up a meeting or contact us at info@purepower.com.

About Pure Power

Pure Power Engineering is a nationwide engineering firm specializing in commercial and utility scale solar PV and energy storage. Our plan sets reduce the total cost and schedule of your project with our value-engineered designs, fast turnaround time, and competitive pricing. As a full-service engineering firm, we are known in the industry for our clear and detailed drawings that are used for bidding, permits, and construction. We also specialize in interconnection applications and electrical/structural feasibility studies. Our bandwidth and experience are unmatched, with 24 electrical engineers and 3 structural engineers having a combined 175 years of solar industry experience.