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Pure Power Voted Best Places To Work in Engineering 2024 | Ranked #2 in the Nation!


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March 2024 – Pure Power Engineering (PPE) proudly announces its recent accolade as the #2 Best Place to Work in Engineering for 2024, as determined by the prestigious Best Companies Group. This recognition highlights PPE's dedication to creating an exceptional workplace that values growth, diversity, work-life balance, and employee satisfaction.

The Best Places to Work in Engineering award is based on a comprehensive analysis conducted by Best Companies Group, which assesses companies through an extensive employee survey. This survey examines various aspects of the employee experience, including Leadership and Planning, Corporate Culture, Role Satisfaction, Work Environment, and Overall Engagement. For more information on the award visit: https://bestcompaniesgroup.com/programs/best-places-to-work-in-your-industry/. 

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Why Pure Power Engineering Stands Out

Employee-Centric Culture: PPE boasts a remarkable 5-Star Glassdoor Rating, reflecting its commitment to fostering a positive work environment and culture that champions employee satisfaction and engagement.

Sustained Growth: Demonstrating resilience and progressive growth, PPE has achieved and surpassed its goals, ensuring ample opportunities for career advancement and personal growth for its team members.

Low Turnover: PPE prides itself on its strong company culture and almost non-existent turnover rate, which is attributed to its success in completing over 2,000 projects.

Diversity and Inclusion: At the heart of PPE's success is its dedication to building a diverse, inclusive workplace that welcomes and values every employee, fostering innovation and a sense of community.

Professional Development: With mentorship and continuous learning focus, PPE offers unparalleled opportunities for young and experienced engineers to grow their careers.

Work-Life Balance: Recognizing the importance of a healthy work-life balance, PPE organizes various team bonding activities and events, promoting a supportive and engaging work environment.

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A Bright Future Ahead

With locations across the country, Pure Power Engineering is a leader in the renewable energy sector and a beacon for professionals seeking a rewarding career that makes a difference. The company's forward-looking approach to engineering solutions for a net-zero future, coupled with its commitment to employee well-being, sets it apart as a premier employer.

As PPE continues to pave the way in renewable energy innovations, it remains dedicated to its employees, offering a workplace that nurtures talent, encourages diversity, and provides endless opportunities for personal and professional development.

Solar and Energy Storage Design

About Pure Power Engineering

Pure Power Engineering is a leading engineering firm specializing in designing and engineering solar photovoltaic systems. Headquartered in Hoboken, NJ, Pure Power is committed to improving lives through engineering greener, innovative solar energy solutions. With a focus on fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, Pure Power is dedicated to attracting the best talent and maintaining a culture of excellence and innovation.


Visionary Leadership in Renewable Energy

PPE's vision is a testament to its dedication to a sustainable future where solar photovoltaic (PV) systems stand at the forefront of energy production. By focusing on generating kilowatt-hours (kWh) that directly displace fossil fuels, PPE plays a critical role in the solar value chain, emphasizing the indispensable role of engineering in transitioning projects from concept to construction.

Recruiting #1

Mission-Driven Excellence

Aligned with its mission, PPE is committed to the professional development of its team, nurturing expertise to master engineering complexities. This commitment extends beyond technical proficiency, embodying excellence in project execution, transparent communication, diligent accounting practices, and effective project management. PPE cultivates leaders within its ranks, setting benchmarks for excellence in engineering services and contributing towards making solar PV the predominant source of energy generation.


Pure Power Engineering's recognition as the #2 Best Place to Work in Engineering for 2024 by the Best Companies Group highlights its commitment to excellence in the renewable energy sector and emphasizes its dedication to creating a supportive and growth-oriented work environment. As PPE continues to lead and innovate in renewable energy, it reaffirms its commitment to a sustainable future and the well-being of its team, setting a benchmark for industry excellence and workplace culture.