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Pure Power Commissions 3.4 MW Carport System

Pure Power Engineering have successfully performed system start up and commissioning of the photovoltaic installation at the County College of Morris. The system is comprised of 3,442.29 kW of photovoltaic modules installed on thirty three carports/canopies and one roof mount. The distribution of the power is established through localized equipment pads in each of the five parking lots back feeding a newly installed transformer network that interconnects with a 15 kV medium voltage gear. Data acquisition is accomplished through three independent DAS networks monitoring twenty inverters and six weather stations. The complicated distribution structure and project size created unique challenges for efficient and safe commissioning of the system.

Through a custom developed commissioning procedure, Pure Power Engineering was able to successfully coordinate four commissioning teams to simultaneously work on the system. This multi-faceted approach to the system commissioning allowed for maximized production over a minimized time frame. During commissioning, Pure Power Engineering used refined safety practices and procedures to minimize risk of worker injury or system failure. The combined efforts of pre-commissioning planning and training allowed for the system to be commissioned in record time. Pure Power Engineering looks to utilize this knowledge base in the future where projects require a quick and efficient system commissioning.