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The Solution to Your Clients’ Concerns About Walmart & Tesla

Developers of solar projects are facing the question…what are you doing to prevent the issues Walmart encountered?

Even a perfectly engineered system doesn’t guarantee a perfectly installed PV system. The workmanship of a system can vary greatly. A perfectly installed solar system won't stay perfect year after year in the elements.

That’s what happened with Walmart and Tesla. The systems were not adequately commissioned and then were not maintained year after year. How do you avoid the same issues?

PV Pros is your answer.

These concerns are exactly why PV Pros was started in 2015. PV systems need independent engineering and O&M services to reduce the project risk and systems generating at maximum profitability.

With PV Pros on your team, you can show your clients that quality and safety are your priority.

Here is a quick summary about the PV Pros services and how they can fit into your project development or acquisition.

Step 1 - INDEPENDENT ENGINEERING before & during construction.
PV Pros is a reliable, quality focused engineering firm that represents your interests throughout project execution, acquisition, and into operation. We are flexible in our approach and can act independently or as an extension of your team to reduce risk and maximize your profit.

Owner's Representative
Also known as Owner's Engineer or Owner's Agent, we conduct desktop reviews and on-site inspections to de-risk the project, provide expert advice on design, and monitor construction quality and schedule.

3rd Party Commissioning
QC inspections and testing are conducted with a high level of technical expertise to uncover issues that affect long or short-term revenue generation, so they can be addressed before they affect your profit.

Acquisition Due Diligence
We review all technical aspects of design, construction, and energy production to identify risks and expenses that must be modeled before your negotiation and purchase.


Step 2 - OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE for the next 25+ years.
PV Pros' O&M services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each solar asset owner/operator. Whether it’s a single project or a distributed multi-state portfolio, our experienced engineers & field service teams help you safely and profitability own, operate, and manage your solar portfolio.

Preventative Maintenance

The three goals of a solar maintenance plan are to: minimize cost, maximize kWh generation, ensure safety, and avoid future expenses/downtime by catching issues while they are small and easy to repair.

Repairs & Repowering

Our licensed electricians and NABCEP technicians are experts at diagnosing the most complex issues, conducting repairs quickly and cost effectively, and minimizing the effect on generation and your profit.

Monitoring & Reporting

We monitor the alarms and performance, so you don’t have to! Our national portfolio is monitored from our HQ where we will quickly determine the issue and advise you of the recommended course of action.

About PV Pros

PV Pros is Pure Power Engineering’s sister company and headquartered in the same building.

PV Pros provides nationwide O&M and Owners Engineering services for owners, investors, and asset managers of solar & storage systems. We manage your technical needs while you focus on the financial aspects of development, acquisition, and ownership. Our team of professional engineers, licensed electricians, and NABCEP technicians specialize in commercial and small utility solar PV projects. We offer acquisition due diligence, owners rep, 3rd party commissioning & inspections, preventive maintenance, repairs, and monitoring services across the United States. With over 100 years of combined experience in just our management team, you can rest easy knowing PV Pros is watching over your system.

  • Professional Engineers
    • Our in-house engineers hold PE licenses in 40+ states and have collectively designed over 500MW of commercial and utility scale solar projects. Our knowledge of codes, engineering, and equipment ensures your system is technically sound, safe, and reliable.
  • Licensed Electricians
    • Our multiple in-house licensed electricians have the experience and credentials to work on PV’s high voltages. Our electricians have 10+ years of electrical construction experience, so they can handle the most challenging repairs.
  • NABCEP Technicians
    • Our trained technicians have extensive inspection and hands-on experience, including years spent in R&D and performance test labs measuring and modeling real-world performance. You can rest easy knowing PV Pros is watching over your system.

Feel free to reach out to anyone at Pure Power for an introduction to PV Pros. Or, you can reach out to them directly at info@PVpros.com or 201-351-4001 and tell them Pure Power sent you!