Structural Services


Our in-house structural department is proud to help making earth green and use the clean natural resource of the sun power. In order to achieve our goal, Pure Power has hired talented structural engineers with a wide experience in building design. We will analyze a building or a parking structure to determine the available structural capacity for the addition of a solar system or make suggestions on what modifications may be needed. We also design custom steel structures and canopies. All structural design work is prepared in accordance with the latest federal and local codes. 


  • Structural Assessment on Existing Buildings: The existing roof framing should be evaluated for the additional solar system load; our structural engineers have comprehensive experience in designing and evaluating existing buildings (with different types of occupancy category) supporting rooftop solar across hundreds of rooftops in the United States.
  • Structural Site Survey: In case if construction documents of an existing building are not available, one of our qualified structural engineers will go to the site to gather all the information needed to perform the required analysis.
  • Existing Building Reinforcement: If the existing roof framing is found to have no/limited capacity to support the additional solar system load, our structural engineers offer to provide safe and economical reinforcement design packages to ensure the adequacy of the existing building to support the new loading. 
  • Racking Design Review: Our structural engineers are familiar with most of the racking manufacturers systems and we are capable of reviewing their design to ensure it meets the limitations listed in the structural evaluation report.
  • Peer Review -Third Party Review: To ensure preventing fatal flaws in design and non-compliance with the local codes mistakes, our structural engineers offer third party reviews which saves our clients time and money by eliminating unnecessary building reinforcement requested by other consultants.    
  • Electrical Equipment Racking Support Design: Our team also ensures the stability of framing and racking systems supporting rooftop and ground mounted electrical equipment against lateral loads.
  • Ground Mounted Electrical Equipment: Our structural engineers also have comprehensive experience in designing and analyzing ground mounted electrical equipment support structures, such as slab on grade, pier, housekeeping pad and various types of foundations based on the client’s specifications and loading requirements. 

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