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Solar PVsyst & Energy Models | Owner's Engineering Services

Accurate energy models are essential for financial modeling. If a conservative PVsyst underestimates the generation, the project loses value. If an aggressive PVsyst overestimates, the project is overvalued and you may have trouble servicing the debt.  We have run thousands of performance models, as well as analysis on thousands of operational systems, so our modeling inputs are based on industry accepted standards and backed by real world data.

Our energy modeling & analysis areas of expertise include:

  • Generating PVsyst Models & Evaluation of 3rd Party Models
  • Performance Guarantee Calculations (ASTM E2848, Performance Ratio, etc.)
  • Climate adjusted Actual vs. Expected
  • Monthly, Quarterly, & Annual Performance Reports
  • Configuration & Troubleshooting of Monitoring Systems and Weather Sensors