Large-Scale Solar & Energy Storage Engineering Services

Welcome RE+ attendees! At Pure Power Engineering, we leverage our unparalleled knowledge in large-scale solar + storage technology to offer high-quality engineering solutions. Our focus is on optimizing revenue generation and minimizing expenses, empowering our clients to expand their operations by accelerating the completion of solar and storage ventures with enhanced profitability. We furnish our clients with essential services and the assurance to replace conventional fuels, spearheading the global shift towards sustainable energy.

🔋🌞 Dedicated to Excellence in Solar + Storage Engineering 🌞🔋

🌐 Unmatched Expertise: With over 2,000 designs completed and 3,041 MW designed in a decade, our experience is unparalleled. We're problem solvers who maximize your solar + storage system's performance and profits.

🏢 Powerhouse Team: Our in-house team of 80+ engineers, including 19 professionals and 18 seasoned project managers, ensures lightning-fast turnaround. More licensed engineers than most Solar Engineering firms have employees!

🔬 Specialization: Solar + Storage is our sole focus, not just a small part of our business. We're experts who understand it deeply, unlike jack-of-all-trades firms.

⏱️ Fast Turnaround Time: Time is money, and we get that. Our skilled project managers provide rapid responses, accommodating your tight schedules. Expect premier customer service, lightning-fast communication, and a seamless design & construction process. No surprises, just accelerated project completion.

🔋🌞 Our Culture Sets Us Apart 🌞🔋

Emphasis on Communication: Our Senior leaders emphasize communication and responsiveness internally and for our clients to not only meet their project deadlines but also match the timeline of the project developer or EPC. This eliminates surprises during the design & construction process for accelerated project completion. 

Management Training: Pure Power emphasizes management & soft skills training for all levels of our staff through our monthly Toolbox Talks, Town Halls and newly implemented Pure Power University Learning Software. We prepare engineers for management roles before and after they receive a promotion!

Collaboration: Knowledge sharing, Senior mentors, teamwork & resources available to team members allow us to solve complex engineering challenges and identify unforeseen risks in design & construction so clients can maximize the performance and profits of their solar + storage system. 

Unified Drive & Belief: Each drawing and report go through multiple rounds of reviews from the most experienced Senior Engineers in the industry. Our goal is that each set of drawings we create is better than the last, we stand by this standard of quality; and we believe our drawings are the best in the industry (We have heard this on quite a few occasions).

Design Engineering for Solar & Energy Storage Projects
Design Engineering for Solar & Energy Storage Projects
Structural Engineering for Solar & Energy Storage Projects
Power Engineering for Solar & Energy Storage Projects
Owner's Engineering for Solar & Energy Storage Projects